Reward Items

Buy more, win more. By purchasing more items, you get to enjoy rewards exclusive to Mustard Seed customers. Take advantage of our Loyalty Rewards Program to win any of our amazing freebies listed below.


PointsItemDiscount price
on next purchase
50Notebook50 pesos
50Mustard Seed Pen50 pesos
75Mustard Seed Mug75 pesos
100Mustard Seed Tumbler100 pesos
100Mustard Seed Journal100 pesos
125Mustard Seed Mouse120 pesos
200Mustard Seed Shirt200 pesos
200Mustard Seed USB200 pesos
250Mustard Seed Powerbank250 pesos
250Mustard Seed Travel Kit250 pesos
300Wine300 pesos
400400 Sodexo GC400 pesos
450Mustard Seed Bag450 pesos
450Mustard Seed Jacket450 pesos
450Desk Lamp450 pesos
500500 Pesos Starbucks GC500 pesos
1000Printer1000 pesos
1500Biometrics1500 pesos